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Thread: ^*^what Is Important 4 Sucesfull Marriage..?^*^

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    Rahen Thanks!

    I'd like to say something shayad sab log sunyein aur parhein. Kitna accha ho agar aap log bhi apnay opinions/comments/suggestions likha karein, rather than going for one liners!

    Endurer am looking forward for your comments on it! Thanks!

    God Bless 'DTwisters'!
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    money is the basis of successful marriage
    without moey frustration
    frustration leads to separation
    u make me happy

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    I think successful marriage is based on many factors: both partners have to have certain qualities. They both should be willing to understand each other's nature, the things they say/do and what's the reason behind it. They have to be wiling to listen to each other and give time to their relationship to develop. They have to support each other, encourage, and make the other person feel comfortable and wanted by the other. They have to respect and trust each other. This is what will lead them to learn to live with each other and hopefluly develop a friendly relationship leading into love and a successful married life. If ther's lack of understanding between the partners it's hard to live ur everyday life - There has to be strong trust and understanding. Simply, one has to be able to coop with each other by allowing oneself and the other person to speak, understand, appreciate, and develop their reltionship with the partner by trusting and acknowledging their differences and similarities with time.
    take life as it comes

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    only if money is there to meet your basic needs u will have time 4 other niceties
    u make me happy

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    u r welcome nutty

    ya true.
    when there is love and understanding one/both can work for finance.which in the end makes a successful marriage.

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    ek stick...biwi ko seedha rakne k leye

    Hopefully hina (Title: Zalim Mod) ko ye post nazar nahi ayegi..agar ussko nazar a gayi tu per shayed kissi ko be nazar na aye
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 195208
    only if money is there to meet your basic needs u will have time 4 other niceties
    Thank u ~ i see money as a need for the worldy affairs. True, money is needed to live ur daily life needs but it should not be part of ur relationship as to be a cause of a successfull marriage. If you have mutual understanding - u can find comfort in each other and see that when and where money is needed - not to develop happiness between the two people and/or affecting their lives...bt only for their worldy affairs.
    When u have comfort in each other, u see money as another thing of life that only matters for as a part of ur life...bt nt a part of ur reltionship to be a cause of determing the success of it. If it is a part of ur relationship that determines the understanding between the two - then there could be some serious problems / or on the other hand, when u have comfort and peace of mind, u can find ways to observe patience and find satisfaction through each other ~ in each other if and when money is the concern
    take life as it comes

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    I think honesty and trust are most important

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