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Thread: Egg - Veg or Non Veg

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    hmm on ur side noooo wayyyy i should sent you to :up; "Eggs are not Vegetarian at all but they are animal product. Vegetarian word has been derived out of Vegtus which means plant based. So, Vegetarian word in itself means plants based."

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    Confusd doast.What did u want to prove !!

    Look..i saw this on one of Dr.Zakir Naik's Debate!!

    Topic was --VEg or Non Veg..ill pass this Cd to Bluehacks and maybe hell upload it here

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    Hundreds of thousands of human beings are being shot dead & the people of this planet are more concerned for animal rights than they are for human rights.

    PETA? the one who came up with a law suit against KFC? because they were not treating the chickens in a proper way? I don't like beating dead dogs here.
    Dream, I do.

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    Surely a point.I meant exactly thes animal savers are more concerned abt animals than humans.Thats bad i mean.really bad.

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    Posion in my veins

    Any stupid non veg human I wanna u to just see inside your mouth and dog's mouth what you have seen nothing b'coz u r narrow mind person.All non veg animals possess different type of canine teeth which any human do not have because their special purpose is to remove and break meat.Anything which possesses blood is not veg and not ******* Halal .Untill you have plants on this earth no one need to eat meat or eggs.If u provide proper temperature to egg for sure it will develop new chicken but if u ******* provide heat ,cold,moisture anything to semen it will not develop human baby.Any one who eats meat his mentality change totally he or she lost some degree of compassion.Because he keep on hurting living things and he/she do not feel pity.Totally devil.

    Any non veg competitor most welcome for healthy conversation... :nono;

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    Tonse u lost ur mind due to malfunctioning because what eggs u eat comes from a chicken who eat every bit of cough spitted by oldie men.If u real want delicious non veg food cut ur arm and taste and feel the pain if u have real heart and think what animals feel when anyone kills them.Trust never deceive anyone if u think egg is veg then just do it.

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    Well Bluehacks, you have posted very confuse question for us. This question answers has also not been answered by scientist. But as i think Egg can be considered on Veggie. Because in that we are not cutting any animal, it's been given by hens.

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