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Thread: Fashion According To Your Zodiac Sign

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    I am Aries by name and Scorpio by DOB


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    Quote Originally Posted by rachel wilson, post: 388241

    I am Aries by name and Scorpio by DOB

    What do you mean by "Aries by name" ?

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    You are a dreamer and you love to live in a world of fantasy. Hence your style is created by clothes which mirror and reflect your mood thus having a subtle, changing quality about them so that they can easily be adapted to your mood and fancy. Your shape is created from fluid lines and your starsign colours are glistening shades, white/silver, green, purple, cream and rich, deep and reflective metallic or velvet blacks.

    ..I'll wear any color..long as the tone of it looks right with the skin tone

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    nice infromation

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    Just about everyone has heard about Chinese Zodiac signs, right? Well, what about the meaning to these signs during the birth of a child?
    for example,
    Black is your lucky colour and this year the classic black dress could be the perfect signature for the Capricorn style bringing out a style which is simple and dignified. Your shape is smooth, artistic but conservative and your starsign colours are dark colours, charcoal grey, black or dark brown. You have a natural sense of good style and will use your skills to make this year perfect and interesting.

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    Harmony in appearance is your keynote. You search for a style which can teach others ways of achieving balance. You believe in harmony and thus your fashion statement is to bring out beauty into your environment. Your shape is soft and flowing and your starsign colours are light to mid-blue, dark rose and black. Make the most of the lovely rich rose reds that are around in the early part of the year and the lilacs that are likely to appear throughout the summer because these colours will bring out the best in you
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