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Thread: Munnabhai babe in Enrique Iglesias's video

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    Remember Mumait Khan? If not by name, you surely will recollect her by her pelvic gyrations. She is the same girl who sizzled in the Dekh Le item number in Munnabhai MBBS. Currently she is making waves in the music video of the remix track Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon that is on Universal Music. And so impressed are the Universal guys with Khan that they want her to feature in a music video with the Latin singing sensation Enrique Iglesias.

    Enrique is coming up with a new album for Universal Music next year. And the music company is suggesting Enrique to use the Indian babe, which will also add to Enrique's market in India. Mumait has already got her chin, eyebrow and navel pierced to get an international look.

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    Hmmmmm... piercings... to have an International look?
    Eyebrow- check
    Naval- Check (makes a female sexy)
    Chin? How? (or lower lip?)

    Mumait Khan... funny name...

    Well,we wish her luck !

    Gaaawwd save Enrique....

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