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Thread: DesiTwist: The Limelight

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    nah...Imma very dull person

    Will you be using those same questions?
    Get off my back

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    Nope, they were highly untargetted. I have a lot of questions in mind but will have to cut a significant amount of them due to the busy (read: kharoos) nature of our admin
    Dream, I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurer, post: 192290
    I'll be doing admin's interview before twist's second anniversary. We have a score to settle.

    Wah kya baat hai
    Bhulana Sakoo Gay Mujhe Bhool Kar Tum
    Mein Aksar Tumhein Yaad Ati Rahongi
    Kabhi Khuwab Ban Kar Kabhi Yaad Ban Kar
    Mein Neendein Tumhari Churati Rahongi

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    @Adi Bhai - Okie dokie... We'll see if you actually come through with that promise
    Get off my back

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    Looking forward into an insight of the most wante dperson here ...

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    Welll Said Mytonse Sure we are waiting For Most Wanted
    You know What i Mean!

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