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Thread: Youve Taught Me Much

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    I never grasped the true beauty of the sky,
    Until I saw its image in your eye,
    Of true beauty Id only heard,
    Till you came fluttering like a bird,
    The twittering of birds never felt so sweet,
    Life was never such a treat,
    I never knew happiness true power,
    Until I saw you smiling like a flower,
    I never thought that eyes could shine,
    Until yours brightened the world of mine,
    Of true love Id never learnt,
    Before some time with you I spent
    I never knew its true value,
    Until I saw the innocence in you,
    My life was in dreadful chaos,
    Before you brought this peaceful pause,
    You taught me honesty, by your simple ways,
    You really truly changed my days.
    Dream, I do.

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    aww.. that was very sweet
    Get off my back

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    Good choice :up;


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    wawwwwww-this poem is wonderful- deserves :applaud; brother

    thanks 4 sharing

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    [B]Awesome rather a splendid one... :hug1:
    On the new avenue of life, searching out new horizons..

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    Very nice bro :up;

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