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    Help me take the pain away,
    Before suicide erupts and you see me under the highway.
    Help me find love,
    The love hidden under a special glove.
    The glove of life,
    The glove of strife.
    I need answers fast,
    Fast enough so I can get past.
    The insanity of hell,
    I fell like I'm in a jail cell.
    Oh God, I need you now,
    So, I can figure out how.
    The life I lead,
    It needs to get up to speed.
    I'm sorry for all the things I've caused,
    You know I'm not perfect, I have flaws.
    All I'm asking is for help,
    The help I need before I yell!

    I wrote this poem when I was 15 yrs old
    Get off my back

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    You are definitely blessed.
    Dream, I do.

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    nicely expressed- achi hai

    thanks 4 sharing

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    thank you all very much

    actually adi bhai... when you are upset and are filled with emotion, you must express it somehow and I just picked up a pen and started writing I'm not a poet... I just didn't know how else to get everything out.
    Get off my back

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