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Thread: Why we need frnds??

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    We need friends because of live a wonderful life. We need friends because of at any time we need they are ready. We need friends because of enjoying colorful life with colorful persons. We need friends because of some good advice in our personal life. Its all about true friendship. Enjoy it.

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    Nice reply Jason and welcome to DT =)

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    # Friends are always there for us to laugh with us in good times and give us a shoulder when you cry. They serve as one of the greatest defenders in our lives.
    # Friends are among the few people who accept us, just like us who we are. They never came into our lives, we expect to change them. But they are doing when we are at fault.
    # It is said that if you need to hear the bitter truth about yourself, go to your best friend. He / she will never lie to you, just to please you and win your favour. What he says is the truth about you.

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    what a nice post

    Thnx 4 sharing
    let me know about why we need frnds !

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    Friends are make our life colourful. In some case when family not stand with us that time friends are stand with us. Second some thing we not share some thing with our family so friend is person we share all thing with them. I think without friend life is boring.

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    Nice additions guys.

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    No, most companies will not rent you one if you are under 25. Some will if you are 21. You would need to call. ATV does not require a special license, but a motorcycle does.

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    Some times in our Life we can not share our feelings with our Family members or any one else but Friends are the community with which we can share all the things without any hesitation,We feel so free to share with them with any topic and the problems which we are facing in our life,At that time they are the one who understand us and give us a way in our Problems.So We need Good Friends always.

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    We Need Friend because we can share our problems together.
    Friends also can help us when need advise but we must choose a really good friends.

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