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Thread: Pimple/Acne

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    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    wow! Great tips Rahen, thank you so much.

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    Well if you are seeking treatment for pimples, you drink water every day as many know some basic things, almost every person on earth to your skin should be kept clean etc.The most common problem they tat or he is pimples. Sometimes it is as mnhasy or blackheads, it is said. Your skin care if you do not want to sign mnhasy mnhasy or need to. Every time your skin needs to be clear, you or other creams or milks can be used to clean up.

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    Pimples are tiny derma lesions or inflammations of the skin.They are frequently acquired by chock-full or adulterated pores.Acne happens if sebaceous (oil) glands absorbed to the hair follicles are angry at the time of adolescence by elevated levels of macho hormones.

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    rahen thnxx alot for passing on the knowledge....i have just seen it today
    and it is defoo very useful for me, i will try whtever i can ....hopefully it will sort out my problem!! thnk youuuuu
    - mOnA -

    aEtBaAr PeR yAkeEn Na RaHa,
    DiL mEiN dHaRkAn Na RaHi,
    MoHaBaT sE pYaR nA rAhA,
    aNkHoN mAiN aAnSoO nA rAhE,
    aUr RoNe K lIyE kANdHa Na RaHa...

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