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Thread: DesiTwist Limelight: KOHINOOR

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    WOW! Nice to see ur interview bro :wink:
    bohot acha tha :applaud;

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    Awww..ur welcome Jamil

    Thank u Aisha Baji and Faisal Bhayya

    Don't forget to thank Adi Bhai
    Get off my back

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    Ya of course

    Hina and Adi bhai have done a wonderful Jo

    keep it up
    You know What i Mean!

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    Special = Swee...

    Ahem Ahem
    You know What i Mean!

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    wat ahem ?

    maine nahi dena koi interview

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    mein ney kub kaha

    ehem ehem ;D

    isss time per wesay koi Muhawar boltey hein urdu ka
    that is something to Chor and uske dari

    well my Urdu is not gud so i cant complete this Muhawara

    But i think u will understand
    You know What i Mean!

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    Thanx Naila, Omer Bhai, Shoaib Bro. n Faisal Bhai :hug1:

    Aur Next Interview Kiss Ka Ho Ga Endurer Brother ???? :duno;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream boy @ Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:17 pm
    Special = Swee...

    Ahem Ahem
    I think u are right :wis;
    Bhulana Sakoo Gay Mujhe Bhool Kar Tum
    Mein Aksar Tumhein Yaad Ati Rahongi
    Kabhi Khuwab Ban Kar Kabhi Yaad Ban Kar
    Mein Neendein Tumhari Churati Rahongi

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