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Thread: DesiTwist Limelight: KOHINOOR

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    Can you give us a brief bio?

    My Name is Muhammad Jamil Ahmed.
    I live in Faisalabad Pakistan.
    I am currently doing job as Network Assistant in a well known textile industry.
    My DOB is 26-06-1987.
    I am a Muslim.

    What is your educational background?

    I had completed my BA last year.

    What do you consider as your accomplishments up to this point?

    I still have to achieve many thing, at this point I have to work even harder

    Any failures you'd like to tell us about?

    My first love, She refused me.

    What are your favorite books? Movies? TV shows? Music? Games? Food’s?

    Wassi Shah poetries, Action movies, Award Shows, Himesh Reshammiya, Pakistani, Mountain DEW.

    What do you do for fun and relaxation?

    I take some rest and sleep.

    What is your full-time job? Also, Describe your typical workday schedule.

    I am doing full time job as network assistant, My work Schedule is 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

    What is your ultimate professional goal?

    To pass CSS exams.

    What do you know now that you wish you'd known 5 years ago?

    About Girls, Why do they possess the same traits? Had I known them five years earlier from today, this couldn't have happened to me.

    Tell us something about yourself that we don't already know?

    I am a jolly person. I love to make friends even best friends.

    How does it feel to be Member of the Month? Why do you think the members nominated you?

    It is an honour for me to be a member of the month. I think they nominated me because I was in thier sight. I remained active for the last 5 months.

    How did you come to be a part of DesiTwist?

    By the help of my boss, He intrduced me with the desitwist.

    Which part of DesiTwist do you visit the most?

    Forum Games

    You joined with the ID "Jamil Ahmed". What made you change it to KOHINOOR?

    Actually today is the time of glamour, Jamil Ahmed seemed to be typical simple person, I want to be known as a glamourous personality, so i changed it to KOHINOOR.

    Why did you chose your location to be IN THE NECK OF BEAUTIFUL LADIES ^_^?

    Actually KOHINOOR is a precious diamond, It should be in the neck of beautiful ladies as a part of necklace, so thats why i had written it, This is just for fun, nothing else.

    Have you ever succumbed to anyone or anything?

    I dont remember, But I think it would've been he, Had she not refused my proposal.

    How do you see life today? Do you want kids, considering that the planet we live in today is a miserable place?

    Todays life is full of tension, everybody here in this world is in some tension, I like Kids very much.

    You are apparently busy in teen related topics, most of them aimed at a specific age group. How do you manage to keep yourself away from other (can I say, serious) discussions?

    I dont do anything, But to be a part of any discussion, I personnely think, that one should have great knowledge about that. He should be a scholar in other words. And I think I still have to learn more, So I dont post a reply to any other discussion.

    What does the future hold for KOHINOOR?

    KOHINOOR will be always a part DT community, But for Jamil Ahmed, I think there is a bright future waiting for him.

    How do you see DesiTwist today? Is it any different from the time you joined?

    Yeah Too much.

    Any message for the new comers?

    I am not a scholar to qoute any message for the new comer. JK
    But I like to say that "They should respect the Humanity". They can do anything they want but they should avoid that act that cause disgrace to humanity.
    Get off my back

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    Acha laga aapko jaan k Jamil

    Good job Hina :up;

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    Yes, it was a good read

    Thanx Aisha Baji but Adi Bhayya made up the questions and told me how to post this, so he deserves most of the credit
    Get off my back

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    Yes i know that Hina But u still are a part of it na.

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    bahut acha interview raha :applaud; especially woh message - i mean answer to the last Q-

    @Brother endurer- can we also ask him Questions???

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    Thanx Hina, Aisha baji, and endurer bro.
    Thanx a lot for giving me such importance,
    I am thankful to DT that it give me recognition and edge to know the desi peoples from all over the world :up;

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    Awesome brother its brilliant
    Keep up the Gud Work
    You know What i Mean!

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    Very nice jamil

    Keep the good work up

    @ Hina you have done a great job
    Keep it up :up;

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