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Thread: Gay culture in Pakistan

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    Being gay or lesbian is wrong and nobody can change this fact.Period!:nono;
    On Independence Day Here's wising our dreams of a new tomorrow come true for us NOW AND ALWAYS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeon, post: 241565
    I dont agree with anyone of you over here. I can see the side effects of educating sex in western world. So dont think its a good idea. I heard and I believe " Buraee ka jitna zikar kero utnee phailtee hai"

    Quome Loot ka tu suna hee hoga na? kiya un ko sex ka ilm nahi tha. Abhi Media per already yeh discussion aanai lagai hain ab main yeh bhi daikho ga ke kafi quantity main gays saamnai bhi aa jain ge.

    Sirif or sirif Mazhab sai dooree is kee wajah hai. Sorry Shahrose bro aap ko bura feel hua.
    Thanks to you and Saira for not being idiotic like the others.

    but what is the case of Qoume Loot?
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    @Shahrose,if other views arent as same as yours or own your terms ,it doesnt mean its idiotic.

    "Gays and Lesbians discredit the basic fact of creating a man and women and differetiating their characterstics and functions.thne you suppose it would be best if all were men ??

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    now a days gays are respectably called males having sex with male -msm.It is a psychological problem. i have met some passive males they say they feel no attraction towards females.
    u make me happy

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    But then i dsyeja would you agree if all were to be males ??Question lies on the whole of society not with a few males/females with psycological probs.

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    I'm telling ya all its def the media
    "Negative images shown by the media, infests in the young minds faster than bacteria"
    yeah Omar man I do agree with you!
    but in my opionon Gay culture in pak should be banned, I mean can peaople there not read the Quran?

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    When the madrassa sex abuse case was debated here and bought up,religion remains at standoff.I beleive in Madrassas QURAN is main subject of Knowledge.It s a global problem and yes media is playing both sides.But afterall isnt it everyones job.

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    Just do a search on google and you'll be amazed to see how many south asian gay support organizations are out there. And you'll be shocked to see some for muslims specifically.

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    banning any thing is not the answer
    education,counseling and safe practices is the need of the hour
    u make me happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endurer, post: 182328
    First & foremost pardon me if the topic is a little over the edge. I have been looking around at different places over the web & all I see is Pakistani homosexuals taking over every single social networking website that I am directly or indirectly a part of. They are openly exchanging telephone numbers, sharing their stories e.t.c. and are being largely ignored by the law enforcement agencies.

    I am not suggesting that their should be a crackdown on them, though, I do would like to bring it out in the open because there are serious repercussions when you are not raising sexual awareness in the country where homosexuality is more common than heterosexualism.

    Whats your take on it?

    Note: This topic is not for minors.
    I highly doubt that. If u see all these things happening, i suggest u look away. It's none of ur business to jump into other ppl's affairs and dictate how they should live their life.

    Quote Originally Posted by mytonse, post: 182897
    That would be very right on your behalf.

    The best way as i see it is to severly punish the culprits so that fear of getting mobbed overcomes their faantasies.

    The World is surely to end with these stuffs going on.
    yes... y don't we punish everyone who don't follow social norms

    Quote Originally Posted by Shahrose Khan, post: 241268
    disgusting... I am not familiar with all the terms used in this topic, but I dont agree with anything said by the author. If your a paki, shame on you, if your someone else, STOP IT!
    Shame on u... u just cause more hate in the world.

    Quote Originally Posted by *Saira*, post: 241626
    Being gay or lesbian is wrong and nobody can change this fact.Period!:nono;
    grow up

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