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Thread: your life partner!!

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    hi guyz!! y don't u tell me about ur Dream girl/boy?

    if someone of us (he or she) thinks about marriage or having a relationship with someone, how (her/his) dream boy/girl will be?

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    If I remember exactly, spotlesssoul once made a comment at msn; "no two humans can satisfy their own humanly desires". The point is that we can't be hundred percent sure if we would get what we 'want'. I am not opposing the idea of dreaming.. but one should do it with care because it can hurt you / the relationship badly at the end of the day.. when your dreams turn out to be the nightmares.

    As far as I am concerned, I am a go-with-the-flow type of person & I really don't care about the future.

    Good topic Ryma.. reputation points added.
    Dream, I do.

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    evrybody luves to dream but hey to wat xtent will those dreams cum tru ...u dnt wana indulge urself in creating fanasies and hopes and aspirations for urself wen u dnt even knw wats n the next step for u in lyf...but ryma i lyked the fact tha u asked ....

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    my dream girl is a girl who will love me for me and my timw with her is always the best. i already found that dream girl ;0)

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    oh great "Thay ra baap" you find your dream girl best of luck both of u for your future.. hope your dreams come true.

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    I agree with u Adeel.. you are right its really very painful when your dreams became nightmares.. anyways thanx to reply

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    Marriage is one of an important fact in life and to imagine abt ur basic requirements that u want in ur life partner must be known as later it becomes easy in selection cause no one else can read ur mind except u urself.

    I want 3 things in ma life partner- all else will come one by one( may and may not) Firstly- knows his responsibility towards every one i mean to every relationship and gives time and secondly humourous- puri life aik serious insaan ke sath guzarna mushkil hai and third trustworthy (jis par trust na ho usse kabhi pyaar nahi ho sakta or eternal nahi).

    I believe - Whoever Allah Almighty has chosen for me is best for me and will surely come to me no matter wat happens.and i will accept him as he is made for me. Shukar al hamdAllah i have mine.

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    Thanx Rahen 4 ur nice thoughts I also agree with u that whoever Allah has chosen for me is the best life partner for me..

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    truly he is best- but remember sis marriage doesnot depend on the partner it depends on how u/we shape it - how u maintain ur duties and rights towards each other.

    His single most important characteristic won't be what he has alone but what you share together

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    I agree with u Rahen completly, yeah the relationship depends on the two sides.. As they say "Tali ek haat se nahi bajti"

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