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Thread: When in Love ?

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    This topic is sincerely for the ones who understand Luv or are in it themselves.Express yourselves metaphorically ..No film dialogs..Make it frank.

    Minors not allowed..Just got 18 na..Using my Adult power..Kidding .

    Ill paste as soon as i see someone respond.I hate to see my notes among the dead.


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    yeah im in love too......see when ur in love .....hum kissi cheez ka koi khiyal nahi kertay i mean that we dont note that we are wasting our tution time or study time......we just get mad in happened with me....but it was thru i just became a pranko of using cell all time.....and the most koool thing was this that we both were using djuice in which one sms costs only 0.23 daily i used to send her abt hundreds of sms and she also.........aisay hee thori kehtay hain EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR......

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    llol yeh sms aur djuice kahan se agayaa haie beech mein :rolling;

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    Quite a story Quintocent.

    Armaan would you please stop the nonsense..I had requested that those who dont understand please keep out.Its sentiments that we discussing here.More of a survey.

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    Mytonse agar kisi ko samjh mein nai aya hai to woh yahan par post kyoun nai kar sakta, shayad uske post karne aur aapke samjhane par samjh a jaye
    And plz don't be so harsh, pyaar se samjha dein

    Shoaib plz aap kisi ki feelings ka mazaq na urain
    Bhulana Sakoo Gay Mujhe Bhool Kar Tum
    Mein Aksar Tumhein Yaad Ati Rahongi
    Kabhi Khuwab Ban Kar Kabhi Yaad Ban Kar
    Mein Neendein Tumhari Churati Rahongi

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    Nay I can't be as eloquent as you fine people are.

    I have been a victim of contradictions & I am not sure if I 'was' really the person she deserved. She's moved on whereas
    Dream, I do.

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    ok mytonse! you don't need to be so angry.. I'll not post at your topics anymore

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    @ Armaan.I am really sorry if you see it harsh.I was really serious while taking this topic down.I had feeling and wanted to cross check.More of bad day then.I truly regret my mistake. These days i am not well.I would like to see you reply to all my posts in context of the right behaviourial pattern.

    @KAinaat sis.I am indeed sorry.I wasnt meaning to be harsh.Just official.Then these are serious stuff.I never like to play with anybody;s emotions.I am sure you have correctly understood what i meant here..


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    I'm also sorry.......bcoz itz all happening bcoz of my post which expressed my feeling' rele sorry.....abt my post

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