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Thread: Fashionique Guys.

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    well some of them are really cute

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    Quote Originally Posted by glimmering_candle, post: 185572
    will any 1 tell meeeh whoz that guy?????
    hea really gorgeous

    n look all the guyz in dt got jealous of him

    no did reply abt that!

    nice sharin'siis
    such like that

    lolzz jealous pl letmee know one thing iss sey pehlay bhe kabhee kisse Larke ney Reply kiya kya yeh to mein bhe naa ataa woh to bus Galz watchez per reply dekhnay aya tha to iss ko bhe dekh liyaa

    wesay waqee cool are they lolzzz

    Sub ka Hair Style Old Fashioned hey

    Mine is Latest
    You know What i Mean!

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    Here is it i know me not looking cool but hairstyle is Awesome New
    You know What i Mean!

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    haan hairstyle to waqai cool hai

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    yeahj i tooooo like thse type of hairstyles

    i luv them

    i also told usama to make them n he tries!
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    ueah i luv these hairstyles

    hey dream boy u're lookin' koooooool!
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    Thnx Sweeto And Candle
    You know What i Mean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Sweet, post: 185756
    wohi jo maine pic lagai hai???

    he is not gorgeous he is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT CUUUUTE :bg:
    Baz ajao ab

    anyways yeh fashion kuch purana nai ho gaya :thinking;
    Bhulana Sakoo Gay Mujhe Bhool Kar Tum
    Mein Aksar Tumhein Yaad Ati Rahongi
    Kabhi Khuwab Ban Kar Kabhi Yaad Ban Kar
    Mein Neendein Tumhari Churati Rahongi

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