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Thread: DesiTwist Limelight: RAHEN

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    it was really gr8 interview... Lovely thots Rahen!! Lovely words.. You have enough knowledge about life and relations.. Suberb :applaud; I am impressed.

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    Very Nice Interview Hina, Hamain Rahen aka Fatima k baray main jan nay ka bahtreen moqa mila, Thanx Fatima, for being a part of our community, Thanx Hina for arranging such kinda beautiful interviews, Keep posting

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    ur welcome ryma and Sporadic bhai

    Welcome to DesiTwist ryma

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    It was a pleasure to know more about u fatima buddy and it is a very nice effort

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    WOW....Zabardast!!! :applaud;

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    Aww :blush:

    Thank you and you're welcome Faisal Bhai :giveflower;
    Get off my back

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    very niCe 2 knw abt u fatima bb .... its really niCe interview....... bahoot kuch jo pehle nahe pata tha .....jaan ka khushi hoi .......aur manO u alsodone very niCe job ......really goOD

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    Thank you Aleem Bhai :giveflower;
    Get off my back

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    Good Work HINA and BHAi..Keep it up

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    Very Very Nice Questions

    and very very very nice Answers.

    Thanks for a nice Interview.
    Muddaton se dil sambhaala dil na apna ban saka
    Muskura ke tum ne dekha, dil tumhara hogaya

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