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Thread: nature of girls

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    This is another interesting flaw within the human psyche; it is when someone is already in a relationship when singles (both genders) are attracted to those who are in a committed relationship. It's a psychological attraction. The basis for all relationships is trust. If you have no trust than the person is nothing more than an acquaintance.

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    so both r attacted towards a commited persons
    u make me happy

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    No, both aren't...but they CAN be. It really depends on personal principle.

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    i don't understand
    by principle every one wants a single partner
    by hormones r psyche they r pushed to a commited person
    u make me happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 195193
    when is your nikah rahen
    date is not fixed but inshaAllah before this year ends.

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    advance congratulations rahen
    u make me happy

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    thank u dsjeya

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