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Thread: !! Distress Call !!..................specially for DT's younger dude "Endurer"

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    so what if isn't most scrumptious of the lot?
    soulful Atif is the most widely heard musician
    across school and college campuses.
    And his breathy voice and melodies tomatch
    him the crooner to whom the broken -hearted
    turn in times of distress. Following close behind
    as the mender of broken hearts is the maestro
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. while the qawaal is a far
    cry from a pop star, Paki listeners are not that
    fickle after all........

    !** I'M CooL.....I MaKe Ice JeaLouS **!

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    lololololol :rolling;

    thumbs down [flipv:149f551c19]:up;[/flipv:149f551c19]

    a little injustice when i see nusrat being compared with atif aslam, i mean who on earth stands as tall as the maestro, nusrat fateh ali khan, prolly we have to dig tan sen's bones out to compare them with nusrat's.

    about atif aslam, well he is far better than his counterparts Jal The Gang. btw are't we becoming a bit too involved with their social activities/controversies ? i'd say give art more respect than the artist itself. same goes for junoon & the junooni's, praising their album deewar is quite like telling oneself that crows are wheatish in color.
    Dream, I do.

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    kiya howa sis ops:
    Dream, I do.

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    aur thumb down karooo...

    !** I'M CooL.....I MaKe Ice JeaLouS **!

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    have mercy on my friend endurer
    u make me happy

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    ghalti ho gaye

    dsjeya save me
    Dream, I do.

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    mein tu aab baat nahi karoun gee.....

    !** I'M CooL.....I MaKe Ice JeaLouS **!

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    Look where we stand now
    Dream, I do.

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