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Thread: Kabi kisi ko itna chaha?

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    @ryma - life without a reason to live seems useless. inshaAllah u will get a way. a path jis par chal kar u will find eternal happiness inshaAllah

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    Thanx Rahen, as u said I really need the eternal hapineess, I know i will find it inshalla.. thanx a lot

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    kamzori nahi bus usne mujhe kamzor bohat kardiya tha caused mental agony, i had to fall outta that mess, so i did. :ye; although, i feel so hollow and empty inside but its just a matter of time, i'll live through. :ye;
    *The Web of the Pattern*

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    Aww Endurer, Ryma and Manni! (Hugs)

    Well, pehaly Manni bro ki baat ka jawab. Manni bhai aisa hota nahi k aap kisi k bagair jee na sakein, magar jeena sirf saans lena tou nahi...haina? Jee zaroor rahay hotay hain magar woh 'Raunaq' woh 'Dilkashi' woh 'Khushyan' nahi hoti. Barhaal..

    Khair, I wish aap sab logon ko jinhe aap chahein aur jo aap sab logon k liyen ba barkar aur rehmat le kar aayein, Allah swt aap sab logon ko mila de for good!

    Khush Rahein!
    “Other than my own soul I never found a faithful friend, other than my own heart I never found a confidant.” - Zaheer-ud-din Muhammad Babar

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    Quote Originally Posted by syeda, post: 192408
    yea.. aisa chaha k kamzori kia.. zindagi hai wo..
    awww dat was so sweet said

    kaun lucky person hai wo ?

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    well maine kisi ko itnaa chahhaa or abhi bhi chahtaa hoon
    thou i kno i will neva get her no matter wot
    i luved her soo much and she knew but she neva excepted
    wohi meri kamzori hai wohi mera sab kuch hai..
    i kno i will neva get her and one day she will go wid some1 and i will
    just see standin on one side....
    she still ignores me even if i try to call her or to talk to her she ignored
    i want to spend all m y time wid her but she will neva the past few weeks i dont even kno how many times i told her tht i love her n i want to be wid her foreva but all i get is ignorance and we always fight she lives so far but i can feel her warmth.wohi meri kamzoori hai...but time passed n i realized tht thats how it is..this is life....u neva get everything u want....and i kno one day she will realize how much i loved her cuz i kno jitna pyaar maine usay kia aur jitna mein ussay kerta hoon itna koi nahi ker sekta..and by tht time it will be to late..maybe she will read this thread n maybe she will realize wht i really feel for her...aur if she th inks i am lyin to issay behtar hai keh mein ------ mein hi mar jaata...she knows wht m talkin abt

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