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Thread: heart break need not

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    when one leaves u after steady frienship r love u may get heart break because 1.u have lost a special relationship
    2.used and dumbed lower your selfconfidence
    3.u feel sad,angry and anxious
    4.your emotions r chaotic
    these reactions r normal
    u must realize time will heal
    but u have to consciously make the time and effort to heal
    how ?
    u make me happy

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    no desitwist member had a heartbreak,that is nice
    if u r in such a situation don't go into a shell
    recollect things that made u happy in the past
    listen to music
    visit friends
    u make me happy

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    Tranquilizers < the way to go! (for me)
    Dream, I do.

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    i would say live thru it, don't try to make yourself forget that person because its NOT going to help, try recalling every bit of time you spent with him/her every now and then, write a blog or talk to someone who would not make fun of you, just don't run away from yourself or from that'll eventually get over it.
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    failed i in love!
    what else me have ??
    why shoud i live ??
    to have a new love.
    u make me happy

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    for those who have heartbreak, i think they should not stop living their lives or stop being happy..

    they should over come these killing feelings by searching different ways that make them happy..

    For me it was not so easy but thank to god & my family

    I wish no one get into these bad feelings:s

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    if u r turned away by fatima
    go 4 salima
    if khan is the villain
    karim wil l be your hero
    never despair
    u make me happy

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