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Thread: The Nature of "Perfect" - As Seen By Me

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    What is perfection? The dictionary defines the word "perfect" as being without any kind of blemish. Many argue that the world we live in is without any kind of perfection. This view, however, is wrong and without any thought. True perfection or the idea of being perfect isn't a one way view of the world; this concept is much like beauty, it's in the eye of the beholder. For instance, for many the beauty their spouse gives off is perfect, even if everyone else doesn’t see that in them. If you have a true love for your life and have no complaints, one might go as far as to say that you have a perfect life…without blemishes or complaints.

    Most of us look at the word “perfect” and automatically assume it constitutes that everything we try or everything we do happen exactly as we like it to. Take something as simple as going to the local grocer. Now analyze the situation. Any stop-signs, stoplights, pedestrians, traffic accidents, any of that could affect when you actually make it to the grocer. In the way most people assume the nature of “perfect” to be, one would hope they have all green lights and zoom through traffic without any trouble. The truth is that we blend hope and perfect together into a literary amalgamation of a concept that is impossible. We need to take the hope out of perfect and realize that perfect IS quite possible, and it’s all around us.

    “Perfect” is person-specific. That is to say that what one person perceives to be perfect might be imperfect to someone else. As stated earlier, perfect is in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty. We are only human, and each of us have our flaws, but how we see the world on an individual basis is what helps us realize just how perfect our own world can be.

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    wow nice sharn'

    but teel me how benificial is it?????
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    hmm perfect

    the meaning of perfect for me is different. everything which is perfect is flawless from all angles not just one. if i talk abt universe then i say it is perfectly beautiful. if i talk abt nature of growth of trees then i say it is perfectly taking its time to be a great one by just coming out of a seed.
    but if i talk abt human then i will never say it is perfect because a human who doesnot make mistake is not a human.
    seeing world through different angles is the need of time. and oneself might get near perfect but can never be perfect-
    In relationship, how can two ppl live together without complains. if one doesnot have then how can be one sure that the other also doesnot have. relations makes us learn abt the nature and importance of each. understanding and being loyal is the key- aur yeh lazmi nahi ke sub ke paas yeh key ho... thats why taking human in the ground of impossible - to me will be wrong

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    Just have a little thing to add.."We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." and if we are able to view all things created with this becomes even more beautiful...:-) Never see an ugly thing in life..our perspective will always make it beautiful...:-)
    As long as we have memories, yesterday remains..
    As long as we have love, today is beautiful..
    As long as we have hope tomorrow awaits...

    Kaho usise jo na kahe kisise..
    Maango usise jo dede khushi se..
    Chaaho use jo tumhe mile kismat se..
    Dosti karo usise jo hamesha nibhaaye hasi se...

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    life is beautiful Ammc

    there are many situations in life that are not beautiful and one cant make it seem beautiful too. i think believing in truth is more important than making ur self believe that it is beautiful.
    if i see human as perfect then his/her doings can harm me more than give me happiness. because then i will not be able to forgive- and if in any relationship one cant fogive- he/she cant see life as beautiful. truth hurts but it hurts more if we call something which is not true. having perspective helps but doesnot let us make our home stay for long cause truth is truth. bad is bad and ugly is ugly. Actually i think one should learn to live with human nature as it is

    wat u say Ammc???

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