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Thread: nature of girls

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    girls go for guys who are in love with another girl,rather than single guys
    is it true ? Why ?
    u make me happy

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    I don't know if that's true, but they might because the guy is in a committed relationship, and that is an attribute that girls look for.

    BTW..this thread needs to be moved to Love and Relationships Forum.
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    girls like to snatch,more so if it is her friend's lover
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    do all girls here agree
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    I don't agree with u..I don't think any girl will leave the single guys and look for the one who already in love with someone else!!!

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    girls r nervous in choosing,if someone find a guy worthy other girls try 4 him ryma u may be an exception
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjeya, post: 188049
    girls go for guys who are in love with another girl,rather than single guys
    is it true ? Why ?

    love is a feeling that can conquer anyones heart. Truly girls go for guys who are serious abt starting a relationship or want to have a family- who are willing to learn, what it takes to lovingly work through the hard times.
    agar yeh quality kisi larke mein hai then surely not one many girls will be attracted to him whether he is into relationship or he isnot. but this doesnot give the girls label that they go for guys who are previously in relationships. Actually we girls are more into emotion side than physical. if we know that he loves her we will never try to have him but yes if he leaves his relationship for his own reasons and will then might be the girl will go for him- dil ke hathon majboor ho kar. we are not like guys who fight for the gals and snatch her from him. we understand that if he doesnot love us he will never be ours. I hope this answers all ur questions

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    thank u rahen
    not ideal anyway
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    welcome dsjeya

    "not ideal anyway " how?

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    an ideal way is girls going 4 single guys rahen
    in india hemamalini,married a married man
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