(SoKrAtEeZ is my pen name)

Million Man March Part I (The Citizens)

Here we go, follow me, SoKrAtEeZ, to a place with no color, no race, or creed.
Just so you see there is no me, there is no war, just plain peace.
There is a world with no disease, but this world is just a dream,

a world without a Bush conspiracy.
We call each others out for heresy, but since when is heresy based on hearsay beliefs?
Unpatriotic is what they scream but they're too neurotic to plainly see
the world is dying from the free world's greed.
War is not a necessity, unclog your mind of fabricated empathy
that the government created incessantly to keep you happy while steadily
they murder our families undeservingly.
Now you see what I mean, SoKrAtEeZ just came clean.
Watch out now for the M-16...

Million Man March Part II (The Soldiers)

Woke up as gunshots broke out in the middle of the night,
grabbed my gun, went into the cloud, and put up a fight.
They call them insurgents, but we know they're alright.
They're just defending what's theirs, but we're still here in spite.
Seems like we've been here forever, I miss my wife.
She was pregnant with our baby, my reason to stay alive.
Can't wait to see both of them but I have tears in my eyes.
I just witnessed my best friend get shot and die.
He was my partner, my lookout, my guy;
he was there from the beginning and helped me survive.
I want to come home and have a soft bed in which to lie
to make love again to her like we did that one night.
But they just extended my time so I sit alone and cry.
Unfortunately, by the time this reaches you, I will have died.
A mortar shell hit our bunker and I didn't survive.
Please tell everyone that I love them; I love you and my princess' eyes.
Let her know that her father went down with pride, even if the reason for this war is out of strife.

Million Man March Part III (March 2 The President)

Here we are President Bush, you're a falling star President Bush,
an unfading scar on these United States.
You put us in the face of danger and expect us to bomb out all the strangers.
The race for the presidency is over, say your grace and hope your memory doesn't linger.
Every finger is pointed at your disgrace, you're like a robber sprayed with mace.
Blinded by everything that's in front of your face while backing yourself up in a corner space.
So we created the second million man march to protest your living farce.
Your uneducated decisions and hasty revisions are scandalous and sparse.
Resign while you still have dignity and heart.
America voted you twice with cupid's dart,
you went and destroyed it, tore it apart.
The power of the people will not be denied.
There will not be another Bush in America's eyes.