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Thread: Mysterious Stranger

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    Sitting alone on the bench in the park,
    staring at the opulence of the dark,
    a mysterious stranger strides by.
    She stops, glancing into my eyes.
    Her long, straight hair wafted in the soft breeze.
    A shy smile came over me.
    I could vaguely make out a smile upon her lips,
    she came towards me strutting her hips.
    Left, right, left right,
    I was entranced by this strangers gentle stride.
    I recall this moment so perfect and clear,
    I leaned in towards her but then she disappeared.

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    imaginative- nice theme- more expression in this could lead it to best one.

    thanks 4 sharing

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    Indeed a great one
    Get off my back

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    nice sharing
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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