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Thread: I Am a Child (Version 2)

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    I am a child, and I live alone,
    this life I live, you can't condone.
    I am a child and this is my story,
    what I've seen is my eyes glory.
    I am a child who lives in a cardboard box,
    the other children hate me and they throw rocks.
    I am a child who has lived without a father,
    my mother left me so I protect my little brother.
    I am a child who's father watches too much TV,
    yesterday he hit mom and tried to rape me.
    I am a child who cried for help,
    when a friend had shot and killed himself.
    I am a child who lives with AIDS,
    I die a little every single day.
    I am a child who cries to sleep,
    hearing the gunshots from across the street.
    I am a child, please don't deny
    your children their angels lullaby.

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    "I am a child who cries to sleep"

    one sorrowful life or situation.

    Thanks 4 sharing

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    keep sharin' keep postin'
    wOrK SmaRt NoT HaRd......

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    ........nis ........

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