Murder, murder, my mind races, my heart paces in the face of heartless racists.
Educations wasted and minds are spaceless, filled with faceless hatred/and disgrace the sacred law of cultural acceptance.
Learn the definition of repentance, the decline of relevance when every reverend
is put on the pedestal for their act of molevolence.
Is society so dense that we can not even repent without a sense that our own innocense is being spent?
Murder, murder, my heart just died from a single bullet and it wasn't homicide.
I took the easy way out, it was suicide, loss of pride and nowhere to hide.
I could no longer survive in a world I could barely get by.
I lost everything in the blink of an eye,
went from a middle class worker to a poor man's cry, so I took some pills and ended my life.
Left behind two children and a widowed wife;
if equality is the goal, then why did I have to die?
Murder, murder...murder, murder...murder, murder...