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Thread: guyz(+2) gulz (-2) Again!

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    wah bahi ongrats galz,

    that why i dont like this game now , because one or two persons can finish it in few minutes, i think there should be rules for this game that one day one person can post one time , i think this is cool idea, what u people says...

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    baat tou bilkul sahi hai Yawar ki but I am not sure if everyone is willing to apply this rule

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    hmm... tu kya agar jaldi khatam ho jata hai tu phir say strt kerdayty hain...

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    Sure guys, though I seem to be the only lady present here these days :s

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    that's better for the guys, bcoz we will win easily, but not for DT.

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    ya , but i think have to wait untill more ladies present for dhamaky dar takar,,

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    no problem , mention not...he hee

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