Applying olive oil to face for glow

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  1. Humayun khawar

    Humayun khawar New Member

    Olive oil is a very good beauty ingredient , not only is it good for hair but very good for skin too.

    The way to apply olive oil for causing a glow is:
    1 spoon olive oil
    1/4 spoon vinegar
    1/4 spoon water
    Mix all the above and apply on face. leave it overnight and wash off next day.

    make sure you cleanse your face before applying this.

    Do this regularly and you will see your skin glowing. vinegar helps in treating skin discolorations. hence this oil mixture will also help in creating an even skin tone.
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  2. sitara4stars

    sitara4stars New Member

    greaat tip yar!!! u guys r great man!
  3. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    waoo...thats a wonderful tip...i waz finding something like i heard that olive oil helps in having youthful skin for longer time...i will note it down...Thanks a lot for sharing..
  4. friendlygal786

    friendlygal786 Well-Known Member

    Great, thanx 4 sharing..I didnt kno bout this tip
  5. fungurl123

    fungurl123 New Member

    hey thanks alott i heared tooo about this..but didnt know the exactt recepiee so thankss alott...
    anywaysss there is another receipe i thought i should share with every one :) it cleared my acne and scars and gave a good glow from 15 - 30 days this is the way it is >>

    Ingredients: Sandal wood powder, Turmeric powder, Rose water or Milk.
    (Most of the times even we have it in our homes.If not available, All of these items are easily available in general stores.)


    Take some sandal wood powder with turmeric powder and put few drops of milk or rose water (Just to make it a paste).Mix them all together well and apply it on your whole face and leave for 20-30 minutes then wash your face with water. And if you have rose water then spray on your face.

    Acne treatment , home remedies and medication

    that really helped mee comments welcome
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  6. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    in medical acne is due to excess oily secretion
    we advice to wash face with lemon juice or diluted alcohal to remove oil from face
    if u r acne prone applying any oil will agravate
    if your face is little dry go ahead
  7. Jessica C

    Jessica C New Member

    This may sound funny ..but it works!

    Take two spoons potato juice,one spoon honey ,two spoons curd, one spoon olive oil and apply it on face b4 going to bed everyday..

    your face will start glowing like a tube light!
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