Fast & Easy Tips for Weight Loss

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by swiller, Jan 27, 2009.

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    * Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking eight glasses of water is almost like a must. And do not forget to drink water in the morning, the moment you wake up. In fact this is one of the most rapid weight loss tips that the dieticians suggest to the people.

    * Keeping a track on the watch, go for an hour walk. It need not be power walking, but definitely it should be non-stop walk and that’s for sure, in a couple of days only, you’ll start finding the difference in you.

    * Have organic foods for the breakfast like apples, bananas, plain yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, raw honey, wild smoked salmon, and so on.

    * Another tip regarding how to lose weight fast, easy and safe is that you should have your dinner about 4-5 hours before going off to sleep.

    * Eat slowly so that you can get a feeling that you have had enough food and your tummy is full. Eat slowly and fully relish the taste.

    *Soft drinks cannot benefit you in any way. They contain 150 empty calories, so if you substitute one bottle of soft drink with water each day, it will do wonders for you. It will enable you to lose about 16 lbs per year.

    * Don’t depend upon fat burning diet supplements. They wont go a long way in helping you sustain your reduced kilos. --- a platform to discuss about health, beauty, skin care, fashion, weight loss, nutrition tips, cosmetic & plastic surgery and lot of similar issues.
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    nice tips swiller, thanks
  3. Muzna

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    very nice tips

    thank u for sharing :)
  4. dvdrumls

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    Very nice tips. Hope that will work and thanks for sharing.
  5. Jessica C

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    When you are on the track of trying to lose weight because the present weight you are in is too unhealthy for your own good, you need to have your weight loss motivation with you 24/7. The thing with losing weight is that many people lose their motivation before any pound and kilo are lost. Most of them lose their motivation while in the middle of the program. As a result, they end up gaining even more weight.
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    Wow thats really fantastic tips and its easy to follow also,,,,,,,,

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    tanx S
    thats so easy

    u should follow that either u want to loss weight or nt
  8. dsjeya

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    nice tips by lost
    jessy u r right
    motivation is the key
  9. katalo28

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    Have you ever had to lose weight fast? What was the reason and how did you do it? Was it a high school reunion and the grapefruit diet? Or maybe a big date and one thousand crunches? Whatever it was, let's get together and help one another lose that weight quick! Try our new feature: reply by webcam.
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    Weight Loss Tips for Old Age, Weight loss

    Weight Loss Tips for Old Age, Weight loss
    We have been told for years that carrying extra weight can lead to big health problems. You need to do more than just diet in order to lose weight. You need to make a lifestyle change and to do this you need to find a program that meets your lifestyle needs such as proper nutrients and exercise. If you want to lose your desired weight then you need to be able to live with these changes. However, for seniors this can be even more difficult. Not only have you been doing certain habits all your life which can be difficult to break, but there is also the added limitations that your age and health can place on performing certain exercise routines necessary to have successful weight loss.
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    You need to add details of everything you eat (which often means weighing food) and it then calculates how many calories you are eating. It will also tell you how many calories you should be eating so you know what your target it. You then need to stick within the target for calorie intake.
    It costs about £11/12 a month, but I thoroughly recommend it! It's a very good site - all about sensible eating and also has a members forum - and they are very encouraging. I think they still do a 3 day free trial, so it's definitely worth a look. You may think you know how many calories you are consuming but it's surprising how much you underestimate. Give it a go!
  12. jackyronell

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    To loose weight one should consume foods which are less in calories. One should eat a larger portion sizes food but should be lower in calories and try to comsume foods and fruits which are fibrous and has got good water content.
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