For Once

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  1. heman

    heman Banned

    For Once . . .

    For once,
    I want to look into your eyes,
    And tell you all that is far from lies.
    I want you to read from my sight,
    About my love which has scaled a great height.

    For once,
    I want to dwell in your silence,
    And read beyond the normal sense.
    I want to live in that peace,
    And let you feel my love which wont cease.

    For once,
    I want to just listen to you,
    And feel the warmth of that love so true.
    I want you to say those words just once,
    Giving love and making my life for months.

    For once,
    I want to love you O dear,
    And make most of all that is here.
    I wanna be with you always,
    And walk together even on heaven's beautiful ways . . .
  2. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    u hve done a superb job heman...4 of the poems that u hve posted...are cool..u can be a great poet...thanks 4 sharing..:up;
  3. moments

    moments New Member

    Yeah agree wid Fatima.......You aRe vEry TalEntED......
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