I hope to always be the one

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  1. raiazlan

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    I hope to always be the one
    That takes your breath away
    I hope to always fill your thoughts
    As you go about your day
    I hope to always be the one
    That you dream of at night
    I hope it's still my face you see
    When you close your eyes so tight
    I hope you always feel the love
    That Vinod have for only you
    Vinod hope that you know
    Everything I feel for you is true.
    I pray that what we share
    Will last for eternity
    And when you need someone so bad
    Know you can always turn to me
    I pray that the hurt
    We sometimes feel inside
    Will one day come to an end
    Along with tears we've cried
    I hope to always have this feeling
    That you bring to me
    Take another look into my heart...
    I love you...honestly.
  2. Tulip

    Tulip Exorbitant Staff Member

    Awesome! bus beech mein kuch garbar hai..naam :p
  3. hljmdjrs

    hljmdjrs New Member

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
  4. heman

    heman Banned

    nice poem .thanks
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