Kashmir- Jinxed and Cursed

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    I will not side India or Pakistan. So this is something that the Pakistanis or the Indians will not like.
    I'm not eleborating too much but the one-liners are enuff.

    Let's talk a little about the Jinxed land- Kashmir.

    Imagine being attacked by two dogs at one time, how do you save your own @ss?
    Throw a bait (meat) in the middle, the dogs will fight over it- you run way.

    Mountbatten was a fine soldier and a very cunning politician. He played India and Pakistan from both sides. Result- As he was the master, the two dogs are still pulling
    at that bait which is now been torn down to a bone, but neither one of them will let it go.

    What can a dog bite do?
    Gives you Rabies with 14 injections in your stomach.
    Rabies has been given to Kashmiris and their antidote- the injections are given in forms of bullets.

    The CIA describes it as,[/b] " world's most dangerous border"[/b]- wow WE have so much respect !

    [/b]Matthew 12:29 "Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man's house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house.[/b]

    There are two sides to a coin. India says Pak's forcible occupation and Pak says India's forcible occupation. Everyone lifts a finger at the neighbour.
    The fact, when flipped this coin lands vertically on the floor. There is never a solution.

    Shimla agreement, Tashkent talks, Lahore bus trip by Shri Vajpayee, and the Agra summit are all propoganda by both sides and flashy titles to be put down in history, so that after a 100 years the citizens will not say xxxxx president didn't do anything for peace.

    India says it will get Kashmir at any cost, Pakistan says it will get Kasmir at any cost.

    Definition of Cost- Killing of Soliders of both countries and poor Kashmiris. 5 decades this war is going on- a man has become a grandfather and still this war goes on,
    imagine living there and being in the center of this ! 3 generations are witnessing this war.

    In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons. – Herodotus

    The military on both sides are not innocent. You may not want to admit it but the military personnel do rape women there. Those sent to protect are the punishers.
    Did i say Indian or Pakistani military personnel ?- No BOTH.

    The sad part of it is, the war comes from our hard earned money- our taxes. So we are ALL responsible for it. I say when i go to give my taxes- refund me with the(Kashmiri) blood of bottle that i paid for !!

    This is probably not the right place to write this review, and I dunno how many of you would feel- but we can't turn away our faces.

    Kashmir is a Cancer, and Cancer has no cure. Unfortunately the doctors- are not on duty.

    Why give arose when the thorn is in the heart? The leaders meet, they hug, they hold banquets, talk about politics and go home.

    As Sunny Deol's famous dialouge says "Tareekh pe Tareekh" so its "negotiation pe negotiations"

    I am a person in Management, and when i wasn't in management also i've always believed in one thing- To every problem there is a solution. Everytime anyone in my
    staff gets stuck- i never give up, we find a solution. If its my carpenter's problem, my designer's problem or my driver. I believe everything can be solved. This is not
    a statement- its been tried and test by me zillions of times.

    Every solution has a problem- why not Kashmir?
    Coz nobody wants it. That's the fact.

    Influential people, politicians, hardline groups all benefit from this issue, so the fact remains it doesn't want to be solved.

    Britian with it's divide and rule policy made two countries and as a going away present gave the Kashmir issue !!!!!

    Let's compare budgets for India and Pakistan.
    India is somewhere ten times the size of Pakistan its budget will always be more. Pakistan can claim that its $3.4 billion annual military budget is one-fourth of India's $13.54 billion.
    Yes that was in dollars !

    Now to the common man understand this logic:
    How much of that could be used to build an infrastructure?
    Till today Pakistan and India don't fall under "developed countries" becoz we spend our money where its not needed.

    Oh wait...... ! The figures mentioned above did not take into account Nuclear costs.
    So i'm talking of utilizing money on developing their own countries.
    Free Education- no citizen who cannot afford education is deprived of it. If there was free education Child labour would be reduced.
    Free Hospitals- Free medical services.
    Urban development.- Till today both these countries have people living without electricity.
    People die of hunger because of lack of jobs.

    As a tourist location how much money woud it have brought in? Nobody would even go to Switzerland.

    Utilize the same money, i say to improve our own countries. Now that would be another issue more money for politicans to play with, but we're not talking about
    corruption for now.

    Lets say the Nuclear war happened.

    About 12 million South Asians would be killed and millions seriously injured if even a nuclear war broke out between India and Pakistan. This does not take into account the suffering Pakistanis, Indians and others in the region will have to endure with the expected loss of homes, hospitals, water and energy supplies, or the cancers that could develop in future years, and we are talking about a small explosion here.

    America gives suggestions and interferes on solving matters. Afghan and Iraq war are new, Americans (as Israel) have been killing Palestinians for years what solution will they give us ?

    Jack Straw, the British foreign secretary, was coming to India on a 'peace mission'.to solve "who should run Kashmir was never fully resolved" and called Kashmir an "unfinished business". On his arrival he must have been questioned "Sir, do you know who created the Kashmir mess?" (wrote a reporter).

    The white race has always killed for this own superiority whether it ruling India/ Pak or killing Red Indians, enslaving Africans or the Hiroshima bomb.

    December, 1947 the Kashmir issue was brought to UN, what have they done? and what can they do? NO ONE can solve your problem except you yourself.

    But repenting or brooding over past is of no use, what can we do by blaming each other? It is the only country divided by religion (white skin policies divide and rule)

    Every year we celebrate independance... independant from what?- We are still slaves of corrpution and war.

    If it's not a India-Pak war, then it's a Hindu-Muslim war. Who's the loser? Kashmiris.

    The releasing of prisoners is a real good initiative. Can you imagine the thousands of people from both sides in prison for years and years.

    The Pakistani TV shows Indian soldiers beating Kashmiris and the Indian TV shows Pakistani soldiers beating Kashmiris. Eventually both sides are commiting attrocities- who's the sufferer: The helpless common Kashmiri.

    End result- Marney do subko India and Pak will stick to their egos.

    ’’If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. ’’ -Mother Teresa

    If u gonna post a comment as an Indian/ Pakistani or as a Hindu/Muslim - don't bother. I've voiced my opinion. A couple of you will give you comment and blame one of the two.

    © SNAZ

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  2. Saba

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    points to be pondered on...

    Snaz well if we take a step further according to your view then what will we do ???
    How we will be going to experience our approaches practically ?
  3. snaz

    snaz New Member

    I never will.
    The people on top (on both sides) don't want it to.
    How would they make money?
  4. Saba

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    a downfall since the birth of two countries what else i can say then ...
  5. Payal

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    after reading/watching & listening to a lot of "kashmir hamara atoot ang hey" & "kashmir baney ga pakistan" i've finally started paying zero heed towards this issue which itself is not an issue anymore, irritant yes, but not an issue.
  6. snaz

    snaz New Member

    So true....
    but one must neva give up hope...
  7. Payal

    Payal New Member

    indeed, by the way, hope is my middle name :wink:
  8. snaz

    snaz New Member

    phir ho gaya Kashmir Azaad !

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