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    ‘Learn Arabic-language guide’ is a great app developed by ‘QuranReading’ for the purpose of learning Arabic. If you are traveling to an Arabic country or wish to learn Arabic for some reason, then look no further because this app is just the thing for you. Download and install this app and be on your way to learning Arabic the quickest way possible!

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    The app has an English-to-Arabic translations of basic words and phrases to help you familiarize with the basics of the language. Tap on each word to hear the narrator speak its respective Arabic translation. The translation has the following sections:

    Arabic alphabets

    Select the desired alphabet and hear its translation in English.

    Arabic numbers

    Listen to the pronunciation of Arabic numbers and listen to their respective English translation.

    Vocabulary and common sentences

    Learn the translations of a wide vocabulary of commonly used Arabic words along with the commonly used Arabic sentences.


    The most common prepositions used in Arabic, which help in completing a sentence.

    Masculine Feminine

    Learn the difference in the Arabic vocabulary in the masculine and feminine words.

    Interrogative article, personal pronouns and nominal sentences

    These are translated from English to Arabic, thereby further assisting in learning to speak Arabic as these are used commonly in daily life.
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