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Discussion in 'Student Zone' started by RAHEN, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    Hello Everyone..
    All those students who know how to read urdu language...this first english course link is for you...as this site gives you 100 days lesson after you have done your elementary...from somewhere else...i have gone through there lessons ...its quite good for grammar and it helps one to speak in english... tried to get a pdf file for you..but all links are dead...you can continue online...from here..


    Another site that i found is awesome...i loved this site...it helps you in english from beginning to the end with videos to speak, exercises to learn, Accent to work on...Vocabulary ...grammar to avoid mistakes and overall i found it a good guide for ppl who want to learn english...it is for all ages...

  2. Tulip

    Tulip Exorbitant Staff Member

    oh wow rahen, that's a great topic and i am sure it'll help many =)
  3. andrewthewarrior

    andrewthewarrior New Member

    Language Courses

    I would like to learn German in 100 days; that is the language I am the most interested in! :) That sounds like a cool course, though!
  4. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    Thanks Tulip

    andrew..i hve never searched for that language...have you? and did you get some good links?
  5. gmiller

    gmiller New Member

    thanks dear I was searching online resource to learn English...
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