Men's Mentality???

Discussion in 'Freedom Castle' started by NInA, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. NInA

    NInA New Member

    Salam guys,

    I am going to open up a very serious discussion here in this topic. For those who are less interested or inconsiderate towards my open opinon should leave from here immediately.

    Back to topic.

    Is that true that guys need just one thing in Women? no matter what they will end up HAVING her or will try there best to get her ...just to do one thing? (SEX or which engage sexual activity) .. The other day, i was having this discussion with one of my bestest friends. He told me ..

    Daikho nina ... Yeh admi ki fitraat mein hai. humeshah yehi koshish hoti hai kissi na kissi tarah woh larki jo unhein pasand aie hai uki dost ban jaie aur baad mein slowly woh personal hone lagte hain.. aur jo lift naie kerwati larki usska peecha tab tek naie chorte jab tek woh usse ' Buzz off you dawg ' na keh day.

    shayed mein apni baat sahi tarah samjha nai paie.. per kia aik larki aik larke ki achi dost naie ban sakti .. jis mein even hand shake tek important na ho sexual activity tau outta question.

    It bothers me a lot cuz i am happy go lucky nature type of girl .. always open and very frienday towards everybody ... but jab baat male friends per aati hai tau kabhi kabhi mein yeh bhool ker itna friendly ho jati hoon kay they do have their opinion too about u .. no matter how close n good frinds u are ... cuz i always get involved with my friendship with others by having opinon about maself only. Never think kay shayed un kay dheemag mein kuch aur chal raha hai ...ya phir woh kia soch rahe hain ... in other words, consequences of being too friendly or loyal.

    I think, kabhi kabhi itna loyal and trust worthy hona acha naie hota kay woh tumhare friends kay liye nuksan day ban jaie??? am i right?

    Please do leave u'r comments. Don't just read n pass by.

  2. RijaZ

    RijaZ New Member

    yes u r right but all the men are not the same...99.5 % men are of the same mentality abt which u had said but their are only .5% men who r not of this kind i believe this wht do u say nina...
  3. !! MUDASSIR !!

    !! MUDASSIR !! Banned

    U right NinA, But aap har kisi par turst nahi kartey, Aap un par sirf turst kartey hain jo aap ke apne hotey hain or wo koi bhi ho sakta hai Dost, Faimly Member ya other person.
    I accept rijaz comt bcoz only 5% wo log hotey hain jin par aap turst kartey hain,

    Mera tu ye khena hai k bas, Ager aap sahi hain tu har koi sahi hai ku k ager aap ne kisi k sath bura nahi kiya tu koi aap k sath bhi bura nahi kar sakta.
  4. NInA

    NInA New Member

    hummmm True Muddasir .. and i agree with Rijaz. Per those 5% are like impossible to find you know cuz you would agree with me there are a looooooooooooooooot more Women than Men who are loyal and trusthworthy ... i am talking abt percent age.

    Khair, ''Ager aap sahi hain tu har koi sahi hai ku k ager aap ne kisi k sath bura nahi kiya tu koi aap k sath bhi bura nahi kar sakta''

    Mein iss jumle ko quote kerna chahon gi .. daikho ager larki achi hai tau dusri for sure acha hi ho ga .. per usska ander ka mard naie maray ga .. jo kabhi na kabhi ubarne ki koshish zaroor kare ga... I mean men are dogs...rista nibahna nai ata unhein ... deperate lil bastards. Khair sorry for stupid language. Bas ghussa a raha hai me kooo! :(

    btw i was not talking abt family ka member or jaan e wala specifically... but friends. Thanks for participating :)
  5. manni9

    manni9 New Member

    tou larkiaan kon si better hotti hain??:s
    Larkion ko bhi jo pasand aata hea uss ke chaker main lagi rehti hain, or?? m i wrong??
  6. hakhan

    hakhan New Member

    Agree...larkiyoun ko billa faaltu main ALLAH mian ki gaaye(cow) kaha jatta hai...yeh bhie koi kum nahi hottie...
  7. Fairy

    Fairy New Member

    Walaikum Asalam Nina
    Mein ye tou nahin keh sakti k aisa kabhi nahin hotta (unfortunately) hotta hai kaafi baar per zaroori nahin k hamesha yehi ho ya har insaan ki soch aisi hi ho.
    Aur gar aisa hai tou hum kisi aur ki soch nahin badal saktey n baaz auqaat andaza lagana mushkil hojata hai doosre ka so hum yehi karsakte hein k apni taraf se limit mein rahein aur koi bhi aisa kaam na karein k kal koi aur humein burra feel karasake hamare actions k liye. In other words khud ko doosre k soch k rahm-o-karam pe hi na chor dein. Ye khayal rakhna chahiye k at least humse koi ghalati na ho baaqi agle ki soch aur fantasies ussi ko mubarak.

    "I think, kabhi kabhi itna loyal and trust worthy hona acha naie hota kay woh tumhare friends kay liye nuksan day ban jaie??? am i right?"

    Friends k liye ban jaye ya khud apne liye? Mein samjhi nahin ye question Nina.
  8. Endurer

    Endurer Senior Moderator

    Life doesn't stop at sex and it's pretty clear to mankind. Yeah, I have seen some boys and girls going on the drive towards sex but that doesn't mean that they have nothing else to do or think in life. It's one thing that dies or becomes less intimidating when you hit 35s.

    As far as the following notion goes:

    You both need to open up a little. I am certain that you're speaking in the name of the company you've kept throughout life.

    Sex isn't evil, it's the way you do it.
  9. Enigmatic_Persona

    Enigmatic_Persona New Member

    I agree with what endurer said here, but I think it's somewhat off-topic as well, as the topic being discussed is whether a mans goal after meeting a female is to have sex with her (sometime down the line).

    Personally, I can see that the view of the world at large has been changing over the past two decades, and it's only served to make it harder to find a decent friendship between the two genders. But to answer the question outright, not all guys are eager to get into sex after getting to know a female. To say that all guys are just after one thing is an absurd notion, granted, that there are a lot of men out there that make it difficult for the few good ones who try to maintain a wholesome image.

    If a friendship develops and feelings become involved, then I believe that it should be contained to specific things as not to go overboard. Sex is not a necessity, it should never be forced, and can wait until marriage. We all are born with enough self control and humility to take our inhibitions and save them for the right time.

    So, no, not all guys are the same. Not all guys are after sex. It's just, the ones who aren't, are harder to find.

  10. friendlygal786

    friendlygal786 Well-Known Member

    10,452 Nina not all males are after that. It usually is that many have that mentality but there are good guys out there, and like enigmatic persona said, they r just hard to find.
  11. AaDi

    AaDi Active Member

    I've got friends who are girlz and I never ever thought bout sex (or anything close) when I talk with them :s I think the guys who just think about sex should seek medical attention asap! :D
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