my heart is missing U

Discussion in 'English Poetry' started by rami, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. rami

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    My Heart is Missing You!!!

    When you are gone
    I feel so alone
    I miss you dear
    when you are not here

    You make my day
    Like when the sun shines in May
    I need to see your smile
    and I wish I could see it more then just once in a while

    You are such delight
    and add joy to my nights
    I want you to know what you mean to me
    and oh.. I hope that you can see

    My heart is missing you
    and I wonder... do you miss me to?
    I hope that you do
    because I know I miss you!!

    I always hope you are ok, and nothing is wrong
    When will I see you again.. oh I hope it won't be long!
    I need to know that you care
    and that no matter what you will always be there

    Remember this is for you, my friend
    and to you I will send
    So keep it close to you heart
    and if you do, we will never part.

    My heart is missing you!!
  2. rami

    rami New Member

    Re: my heart is missing U(my collection)

    When I think of you...

    Even the dried flowers become....

    ....more fragrant ??

    Even the wild storm become.....

    .....tiny pat on me??

    When I dream of you...........

    The sharpen stones on my ways...

    .....become shining sands..

    The broken pieces of my mind...

    .....become glittering stars....

    The tiny hut of mine become......

    ......glazing shrines...

    When I touch you......

    The shining dimples in your cheek

    .....become golden clues...

    The greedy rosy lips become

    ......shivering peg of wines...

    And I can't!!!, I can't tell you more

    ...... and more, I want to keep....

    Those very close to my mind.....
  3. Miss_Sweet

    Miss_Sweet New Member

    nice :givefl;
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