Natural Skin Whitening Tips

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  1. Tulip

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    Honey & Almond Face Mask
    Mix 1 tsp of milk powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice, and ½ tsp of almond oil.
    Apply on face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. This pack helps bring shine to the skin and also removes tan.

    Oatmeal & Tomato Face Mask
    Mix oatmeal with curd and tomato juice and apply on the face.
    Keep it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
    It helps remove the tan and lightens the skin.

    Milk & Lime Face Mask
    A tbsp of gram flour mixed with 2 tsp of raw milk and 2-3 drops of lime juice works well for lightening dark skin.
    Apply this mixture and leave it for 15 minutes before washing off.
    Repeat for 4 weeks and follow up with once a week.

    Tomato Juice & Lime Face Mask
    Apply a mixture of grated tomato with 2-3 drops of lime juice on the face.
    Leave it for 20 minutes before washing off. Do this twice a day for 15-20 days for best results.
  2. demi450

    demi450 New Member

    Brilliant advice, I have used 2 out of the 4 you mentioned. I find lemon juice works as a better alternative for lime juice - I don't know why but the results just seem to be better. There are loads of fantastic natural skin whitening remedies if you look around on the Internet. In particular Your post count must be 1 in order to see this link. You currently have 0 post(s) is a popular resource with plenty of new provem remedies. I think most people have tried the creams and pills etc with poor results...
  3. adele

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    Wow really excellent tips. Very useful. Thanks for sharing.
  4. gordenclerack

    gordenclerack New Member

    Wow its a really nice tips to get white and smooth skin to use this natural foods. I really6 glad to used this post. I definitely suggest these tips to my family and my some friends so thanks for sharing it.
  5. Putnambroune

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    -Lemon juice and tomato juice and cucumber juice to a mixture of a handkerchief and applied to your skin to dry for a lighter skin solid color.

    -Take some orange peel and grind it dry enough for them to dry mixture and make powder. Add to this raw milk, and used daily to whiten the skin paste. Wash them with warm water.

    - gram flour, lemon juice and a little turmeric and few drops of milk 2 tablespoons of it. Make a paste and apply on the skin. Then rub it off.

    - potato juice to help too much skin color solid. Use it every day for your skin to get whiter.
  6. Tulip

    Tulip Exorbitant Staff Member

    Thanks for liking guys and thanks for adding tips =)
  7. safdyn

    safdyn New Member

    thx a lot 4 the thread
  8. vickyyadav

    vickyyadav New Member

    There are diverse judgements upon the subject of natural skin whitening. Freckling, pigmentation, brown spots, immoderate tan, are just some reasons for it. Whitening creates solid skin color.
  9. palomavictoria

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    Another good way to lighten their complexion is a great choice of quality brand for natural skin care routine for your skin care every day. This means doing some research and beyond ads glossy magazine. The well-known cosmetic brands often put more effort and money on marketing their products, rather than what happens in the skin whitening products.
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