Overcoming Situations

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    you ever wondered sometimes that the situations would not
    have turned from bad to worse, if you or some other person
    had responded
    to the situation calmly, rather than letting things out of
    control by reacting
    under the influence of surrounding environment or even
    emotions (anger, worry, tension, pressure to get the
    solution faster without thinking etc...).

    we come out of the situation, most of us wonder what
    happened to us at that point of time. How did we make such
    choices/decisions? We start feeling that it was so simple to
    give a natural response, and yet we did not use

    we pause for a moment and look at all such situations in
    life, we can easily see that it is not the external
    situation which disturbed me, but it is my inability to
    handle the situation that really disturbed me. These
    disturbances made me react rather than respond... Few people
    come out of this disturbed state immediately in seconds, few
    within 3-4 hours, while others may even take days. So
    imagine how many choices and decisions we make during this
    recovery phase and the kind of additional complications it

    today's pace of life and conditioning of people, it is
    not possible to expect an ideal environment for living every
    moment. Since we cannot control external situations, we
    should create a calm and stable mind with wise intellect, in
    order to discern situations well, and respond to them with

    where do we find this wisdom and a teacher who can share
    with us the secrets that shape our personality, guide our
    life and help us to build a character that makes the journey
    towards our desired destiny smoother, faster and

    is in your yogic state that we can connect to this wonderful
    teacher, who is wisest of the wisest, the most creative, the best who is God. we can
    use power from God to serve our self and our surroundings to
    the best when we are young, energetic, enthusiastic and have
    dreams to do something & discover our own
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    Good advice heman =)
  3. heman

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    thanks tulip
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