The Time is Now

Discussion in 'English Poetry' started by unexpected, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. unexpected

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    If you are ever going to love me,

    Love me now, while I can know

    The sweet and tender feelings

    Which from true affection flow,

    Love me now while I am living,

    Do not wait until I'm gone

    And then have it chiseled in marble,

    Sweet words on ice-cold stone.

    If you have tender thoughts of me,

    Please tell me now.

    If you wait until I m sleeping,

    Never to awaken,

    There will be death between us,

    and I won't hear you then.

    So, if you love me, even a little bit,

    Let me know it while I am living

    So I can treasure it.
  2. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    truly- dil ki baaat zabaan par aani chahiye
    nice poem

    thanks 4 sharing
  3. unexpected

    unexpected New Member

    u r welcome :)
  4. waffa

    waffa New Member

    very nice sharing

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