Two Hearts, One Love

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    We are two hearts but one love
    One love we share for all eternity
    One love sent from heaven above.
    Two hearts, one love, this is our destiny.

    Your heart and mine intertwined forever
    It matters not if we're near or far apart
    Our hearts were meant to be together
    One love to share within my heart and your heart.

    Two hearts are filled with love for one another
    When one heart is sad, the other will cry
    When one heart falters, the other helps it recover
    Even if one heart may break, our love will never die.

    Your heart and my heart together form one
    We have been soul mates since the beginning of time
    Our souls are part of the stars, the moon, and the sun
    Two hearts, one love, one life...yours and mine.
    Until the end of time.

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