What Causes A Woman To Become A Prostitute????

Discussion in 'Freedom Castle' started by *Fatima*, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. *Fatima*

    *Fatima* New Member

    Do you Think Its Women Free decison to Sell their Bodies for making money by renting it for brief periods??? OR their are some forces which force her to enter into this profession??????
    What motives and circumstances lead thousands of women to sell their Honor?????????
    What you think In prostitution Women exploit Men or Men Exploit Women???????

    If any modz think that post is not good they can delete?
  2. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    it is a social problem.polywood stories girls being kidnaped sold and tortured into prostitution is only minimal
    in the sameway psychological nymphomaniacs r also few .oherwise willingly hiring their body y
    easy money,laziness or revenge on a deserted male
  3. Sehar

    Sehar New Member

    Good Post.

    Usually I would have to say women who are destitute, single mothers, homeless girls, or basically any female who feels the need to be a prostitute simply to earn money either to make ends meet, provide for their kids or pay off drug habits, there are endless reasons why women tend to take this route, and it is extremely sad that they are driven to this level because there is basically no other way for them to gain cash.

    I'd say the same with women who strip etc, lack of confidence/self esteem could easily drive them to do such things.

    I don't think there are enough organisations to help and guide women, because women tend to go through alot of emotional predicaments and at times find it hard to handle alone..ah thats my theory anyway.
  4. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    sehar a good poat
    but u assume only poor woman sell their body that is not true
    there r rich call girls
    subordinates enticing their boss
    servant luring the master
    some students 4 marks the list includes even religious heads
  5. denali

    denali New Member

    Yes. I think it is their free decision.
    No force can command them unless they allow themselves to be placed in such a position to be exploited.
    The alternative is to seek proper employment ( like most sucessful people). At least work an 8 hour shift and adopt to a more realistic lifestyle.
    Both persons get ripped off physically, financially and mentally.

    Evil desires have blinded mankind from the sacred nature of sex which is supposed to be very personal, pleasurable and bear fruit.

    I woul like to read more responses by women, please contribute your views.
  6. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    like stealing,begging if one has low self esteem
    they sell their body
  7. Be happy Keep smiling

    Be happy Keep smiling New Member

    Circumstances,i guess :rnop:
  8. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    could be a cause simi
  9. self_conscience

    self_conscience New Member

    Lust lures women more than it does to men.
  10. LoSt_SoUL

    LoSt_SoUL New Member

    good post... i think circumstances or maybe to feed bad habbits, women who cant be bothered to earn a proper living so look for short cuts, easy money
  11. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    self woman have more lust no
    both sexes r equal
    who pays to have sex
  12. murali614

    murali614 New Member

    Poverty and poverty but some time not good relationship with the husband.
  13. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    one must respect the body given by god
  14. RANI786

    RANI786 New Member

    i think its probably becoz of circumstances, probably money problems or perhaps by force, which would make it rape! Anyway its not a good thing as we all know, But hey have you heard about the 'lover boys' thing?? Let me explain it anyway: Lover boys are guys who like go after certaian girls of whom they know they are not in a good position: family problems or money problems or they just need a listening ear you know. Then what these boys do is start by friendship and then tell the girl that he loves her and then when she is also completely in love with him and he knows alot about her: then he makes her sleep with others that he knows (clients) and makes them pay. So thisis also a type of prostitution. And if the girls wants to step out or refuse to prostitute for the boy then he blackmails her coz he knows about her family or money problems. Such a sad thing huh?? shame on people that treat girls in that way! disgusting. makes you wonder who to trust haina?
  15. dsjeya

    dsjeya New Member

    do happen
    mere exploitation
    but she accepts money
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