Xclusive Interview with 'friendlygal786'

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  1. NInA

    NInA New Member

    Salamz mayte.

    I cannot believe you guys haven't interviewed such a special member of DT. :eek:

    But npz at all, here i'm - you host, NInA Khan with new interview with very special gal and member of DT. Whom, i don't know that well very much but i sure am going to know about this gal by time. :)

    One and Only, Friendlygal786:clap2:

    Please, be good with her and let her njoy with us too :D

    ps: I'm going ask you same questions as Omer :D after that some more girly questions ;)


    NInA Khan - Your host :)
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  2. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    Wa aleikkum assalam....
    here comes ma questions...:D

    1-What are your fav subjects to debate on?

    2-3 biggest fears in life?

    3-What kind of experiences have made you be the person you are today? who kept ur name

    4-ur fav book

    5-which dress u like and wat color combination do u mostly prefer ..?

    6-wat do u miss today that u had in ur childhood..

    7-if jinne can again bring u ur "bachpan"...would u want to be young again

    8-Any shocking news of ur life..

    9-moment of happiness

    10-moment of sadness

    11-moment of inspiration

    12-which instant u felt that u can do anything for ur parents

    13-how did u feel when u completed ur graduation...

    14-aap apni marzi apne parents se kaise manwate hain..?

    15-how will u define ur ideal person...

    16-if u like cooking...wat dish u still want to try...

    17-I know u like everything almost abt ur self mashaALLAH...but plz mention some

    18-which is the beautiful relation in ur life....and which relation u like from all the relation in this world

    19-On wat does ur mom always advice u on

    20-were you a trouble maker in high school if so what kinda trouble?

    21-What does the word "beauty" mean to you?

    22-Do you think people are afraid to speak what is really on their mind fearing what others may think of em?

    23-Which animal u like the most & why?

    24-Are you a messy boy or are you neat?

    25-If you had the chance to meet any person in the world who would it be & why?

    26-What do you think would solve our gas price situation?

    27-What misconceptions do you think people have of you when first meeting you?

    28-Ur fav dish, sweet dish and sweets

    29-Fav festival and season

    30-Fav actor and actress , male and female singer

    31-Which music type u like...

    32-Fav dialogue

    33-Which habit u dont like in others...

    34-Which habit u like in others

    35-Are u ziddi, egoistic or emotional

    36-Wat do u prefer ...lonliness or gatherings...and wat is the reason

    37-How do u spend ur free time mostly...and kis k sath waqt guzarne se aap ko khushi hoti hai...

    38-When do u get v.angry and the reason is mostly....?

    39-Ur fav country and unpreferable country

    40-Do u want to live joint or separate...and reason is ?

    41-Wat u r afraid of and reason

    42-Any wish that holds an important place in ur heart

    43-How do u see smoking today when it has now become fashion..

    44-How do u see ppl who take drugs

    45-Aap ki kis type k log ache lagte hain...as an example quiet, shararti, talkative, humourous, etc?

    46-What gets ur attention in human nature

    47-What do u do when u feel hurt

    48-What do u do when u fee happy

    49-What do u do when u feel sympathetic

    50-Do u confess ur mistakes or show hatt dharmi type attitude

    51-If there is a difference of tareef and khushamad in ur sight...then how do u differentiate it?

    52-Wat does trust mean to u and wat does makes u say that he/she is trustworthy

    53-How do u feel when someone praises u...or gives u compliment

    54-Wat do u feel when someone passes a comment on u....which u r not..and if possible wat do u mostly do

    55-ALLAH na kare but if u r listed in bad names...wat u will do...and how will u feel...

    56-How do u feel when the person who holds ur trust ...breaks it

    57-Wat gifts u would suggest giving to family members and frnds...some ideas

    58-While organizing for a party ....which section in work u can hold/do better

    59-When given responsibilities...how do u perfrom them..in time, on time, out of time.

    60-How do u see male piercing in fashion...

    61-Any wish u want to fulfil...

    62-Wat reaction in action do u do when u r feeling jealous

    63-How much space should be given in a relationship

    64-Wat quality in ur view holds the relationship

    65-Wat if one of ur frnd doesnot trust u...and spy on u...how do u feel..

    66-Ur autograph plz
    CONCLUSION....your final thoughts
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  3. NInA

    NInA New Member

    General questions - get to know friendlygal better.

    1 - Your name and it's meaning?

    2 - What are your hobbies? please don't say (see my profile)

    3 - Something about yourself which we never knew about you be4?

    4 - qualifications?

    5 - Occupation?

    6 - Single, looking or committed?

    7 - What do you do for time-pass?

    8 - Anything new from your side ... updates?

    9 - How long have ya been member of DT?

    10 - What do you like about DT?

    Some Question about you:

    1 - Do you have dreams? Anything you wanna achieve? wanna challenge? wanna get through etc.

    2 - Tell us about you in your own words. Who is Omer? Define yourself so that those who don't know you can follow this interview bit easily.

    3 - Any friends from DT?

    4 - What is the key of your friendship? What one has to do be4 he/she can become your friend?

    5 - Do you think i know you well or have we just started to know each other as friends?

    Some questions about your personal life (you are welcome to skip them)

    1 - Are you committed? Tell us about Mr Right

    2 - How long have you been together?

    3 - Something which you wanna tell him ... jo kabhi na kaha ho?

    4 - What do you do when he is naraz with you?

    5 - How is it being in a relationship?

    Abhi tek kay liye itna hi..
  4. friendlygal786

    friendlygal786 Well-Known Member

    Wow...thanx 4 all the compliments :huglove: , very sweet of u to make this thread. I will surely ans the questions best as i can, tho it may take som time
  5. NInA

    NInA New Member

    aww anytime .. take ur whole time shweetie ..
  6. RAHEN

    RAHEN Team leader

    I know ma questions are way too much..and will take much time.....sowwie for all the inconvenience....but i will enjoy reading ur replies....and yes...u r completely free to omit any question u like...and take as much time as u want...jaldi nahi hai jawab ki...I didnot say that in ma last post although i wanted too...is liye abhi keh rahi hoon...good luck with answering...:D
  7. Miss_Sweet

    Miss_Sweet New Member

    heheh :D pehle in sab ke jawab dena baad mein main karloongi:D

    i cant wait to read ur answers:D
  8. Muzi

    Muzi New Member

    damn dey a lot of questions lol but yeh i wna bout yassi
  9. khawab

    khawab New Member

    yea same here muzi ! dat's wot i m thinking :s .. loadz ov questions :eek:mg:
    maine to itne apne exam mein questions k answers nahin diye :rolling;
  10. Muzi

    Muzi New Member

    ya i kno lik if i had tht many questions i wld prob walk outta da exam hehe
  11. khawab

    khawab New Member

    lolzz .. anywayz, yasra siso best ov luck sweety ;)
  12. Muzi

    Muzi New Member

    lol ya yassi best of luck wid em
  13. manni9

    manni9 New Member

    :eek: :eek: 142 Questions :eek:
    Hamari sis ka interview ho raha hea ya un per zulm kiya ja raha hea :p
  14. Miss_Sweet

    Miss_Sweet New Member

    sahi kaha manni:D
  15. manni9

    manni9 New Member

    aur nahi tou kya beschari sis nay 1 sawal ka answe bhi nahi diya :(
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