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Thread: Reputation FAQ

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    What is reputation?

    - On this forum you may see the little green blocks, the more of these the user has the better 'reputation' they have. People can give other people reputation in two forms, bad rep and good rep.

    How much reputation do I start with?

    - You start with 10 rep points, these can go up quickly if people love you and can go down if people hate you.

    How many rep points do you need to go up to another green box?

    0 - 99 remains in ----------- 1 blob
    On completion of 100 Points - 2 blob
    On completion of 200 Points - 3 blobs
    On completion of 300 Points - 4 blobs
    On completion of 400 Points - 5 blobs
    On completion of 500 Points - 6 blobs
    On completion of 700 Points - 7 blobs
    On completion of 900 Points - 8 blobs
    On completion of 1100 Points - 9 blobs
    On completion of 1300 Points - 10 blobs

    How many rep points do I need to go into the red?

    - You can go into the red if you go under 0 rep points, if you do this people might see you as a bad person and might not trust you however if you have proven yourself in the forum you might find people don't take any notice

    If I start a topic asking why I got a rep will someone know?

    - No no and no. Don't do it, it is stupid and you will either get flammed or blanked. I am sorry but you would have to just deal with it. Once again, don't make a topic about it!

    Can I find out who said I smell?

    - No. If they don't put there name there is not a lot you can do. However if the comment is racist or is just offensive, you should not really PM any mods as they will most likey ignore you.. If your a good forumer that 1 red really won't matter.

    I did not do anything to get this Red, can I get it removed?

    - Simple no. The person gave you a read rep as they think you did something wrong, even if you don't think you did. Once again a single red rep won't make you look bad, if your a good forumer most of the other reps you get would be green.

    Ok I understand Green & Red but.. GRAY?

    - Gray is simple, think green as good, red as bad and gray as something that don't effect you. You get gray for two reasons, A) someone who has not got enough posts reps you and B) someone in the 'general' area reps you. Gray does not effect your rep images and should be taken as a pinch of salt

    Where do I find out how many rep points I have?

    - Go to your user CP and you will find the box as shown below that says your rep points in the header to the right, for example in this picture the user has 86 points

    Can I see all the rep points I ever got and the comments?

    - As far as I know, no sorry. At the moment the system allows you to show the last 5 rep points, so check often and you should remember the rep you got.

    How can I give someone rep?

    - If you see a post you like or hate and think the poster deserves some rep click the little scales and then choose if you like or hate the post.

    How can I say thanks for this post?
    Try out giving green rep to me!

    This FAQ has been contributed by Daniel Jenkins, a webmaster friend of mine. You can visit Daniel's Website (search engine) here:
    Dream, I do.

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    Nice job Endi baby! Thanks for enlightening me and I hope people in here will rep more often now :P. Am repping you for your effort with green *grins* !
    “Other than my own soul I never found a faithful friend, other than my own heart I never found a confidant.” - Zaheer-ud-din Muhammad Babar

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    Thnx Bro its such a nice info :up;

    Wesay mein ney kabhe Red rep dey ker nai dekha

    Abhe try kerta hoon is thread per :wink;
    You know What i Mean!

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    lolz....Mere pe please mat karna bhai

    Jokes apart..Thanks Adeel :giveflower; Ab sub k liye samajhna n reps deina asan hojayega.

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    Thanx for posting...very good info
    ~Ye Dard Ka Tufaan Guzra kyu nahi..Dil Toot Gayaa Hai To Bikhra kyu nahi..Ek Hi Shakhs Ko Chahta Hai kyu Itna..Koi Dusra Is Dil Me Utarta kyu nahi~

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    Thanks for such great informative post!

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    Wonderfully detailed info.

    Reps added for ya
    Get off my back

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    Thank you I'll give you some love back now.. and of course.. credit for this FAQ goes to Daniel.
    Dream, I do.

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    WoW Ppl Guess What I Got A Stawbery Rep Frm Very Special Person Kissi or ko Milla Kya ?

    Thnx Alot

    Wesay uska bad yeh Likha aya hoga k Allah App ko Bhe yahee NAseeb keray
    You know What i Mean!

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    Omar bro yeh 'Strawberry Rep' Kaisa lagta hoga *wink*
    Kaash k mujhay bhi mila hota tou mujhay kuch pata chalta...Sigh!
    “Other than my own soul I never found a faithful friend, other than my own heart I never found a confidant.” - Zaheer-ud-din Muhammad Babar

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