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Thread: A question to zeeast and xeon.

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    Every where mahjir issue. whats wrong with u? why you are spreading hatered among pakistanies? no one care about races here atleast in this forum. if u call ppl of karachi as mahjir then for ur info oe of moderator is also mahjir who warn you abt ur behavior.

    now plz stop this rubbish abt races. next time races per koi baat bardaasht nahi ki jaaiy gi.

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    I already have answered that Race metter

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    moderators i request you to kindly move this topic into india-pakistan affairs.

    manni, are you a mahajir? whereas mahajir being a migrant, who migrated after he was born. as far as my perceptions are concerned, this is utter nonsense.

    95% of the punjab consists of people who migrated from india to pakistan, 78% of whom are dead, and those who are alive, still reckon themselves as Pakistanis, why dont you think like a Pakistani, why are you still tied up in those provincial at times colonial levels, kindly keep some sense handy, the next time you wish to enlighten all of us with your varied, indeed quite varied and archaic point of views on social, humor and common sense.
    Dream, I do.

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    Well U know what am i talking about!!!Let's use the word "URDU SPEEKING"
    nyway I am against any sort of Race,caz thr is noting like race in Islam!!!
    But if i feel Discriminate then i will speek!!!

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    Well Said Adeel.

    Ok tu ab Islam yaad aa gaya aap ko tu for your kind info mai bhi URDU SPEEKING hoon jis per aap ko ya tu fakhar hai ya koi sharmindagee is ka mujhe nahi pata.
    or yahan per itna time nhai hai kisi ke paas ke posts show kerte phirain. tu bilawajah issue na create kero.

    Mods is thread ko lock ker dain kiyun ke main debate nahi chahta is topic per. Thanks

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    tou tum say debate ker kon raha hea

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    u know wot, first of all, watch ur language, jab xeon ne keh dia hai ke is thread ko mods aa kar lock kar dain, tu app ko yahan post karna hi nahi chaye tha. but seems like app ko har baat barhanay ka kuch ziyada hi shooq hai, and remember one thing, agar app kisi ko respect de nahi saktay tu return main kuch achay ki umeed bhi nahi rakhien, app ko 2 din se sab samjha rahay hain, now enuf is enuf, ab majoboran yeh na ho ke mujhay app ko ban karna paray, so please becareful.

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    this is the point aap plz mujhe ban ker hi dain toui acha ho ga,cauz kuch ppl ki wajah say main bi boar ho raha hoon.Main nay kissi ki Insult nahi ki okay!!!
    Jesa ke main pehle bhi keh chuka hoon If u wanna through me out then do it but plz don't give any Irrational Reasons!!!
    BTW Aap Ko Us KI´Lan. tou nazar nahi aai bus mera answer ko pakad liya

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    irrational reasons? do you have a standard version or are you a random disc? acting like a stubborn child and contradicting everytime is not going to help you in any way, anywhere.

    fine, you want a debate on majirs, go ahead, open a topic in the relevant category, but make sure that you have points alongwith a vaild source to stand your stance, why are you dragging Religion here, it seems as if you are one of the crowd, anyways i'll look forward to your mahajir debate thread (in case you decide to make one).

    manni I personally believe that you are a nice person, its just that you are unable to express yourself clearly, whatever the reasons are, disrespect cannot be tolerated. There are certain rules that one should follow on every virtual forum. I still expect that you will give it a serious thought.
    Dream, I do.

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