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Thread: My Love My Life

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    A lifetime together
    To show how much we care
    The two of us forever
    Knowing you will always be there.

    Someone to share my life with
    To love and comfort me
    So many things we can do
    My darling just you and me.

    The days are spectacular
    There's something you need to know
    We'll build a lifetime of memories
    My dearest I love you so.

    My arms ache to hold you
    They did right from the start
    Please hurry to me my precious one
    For we will never part.
    I M What i Call i m "i m Loaded hell"

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    nice post.thanks

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    I just have read your this of the post and would like to say you that I really like this too much. The more thing is that I want to say that I really like and also suggest that every one should think the same as you think.

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    Good one there.
    Dream, I do.

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