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Thread: How do I post a pic?

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    How do I post a Pic on the left side of the board, like under the name...

    As Payal has posted Ash's pic?

    In Avatar it mentions the pic is gonna come under the message...

    If I also post a Animated Gif will it animate (some forums don't)


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    Avatars, avatars, avatars...they hold so many joys yet can be so annoying when they don't work. :roll:

    ok here's a quick short guide to avatars :wink:

    So what's an 'avatar'?

    OK, let's start with the basics. An avatar is the image that is displayed (if enabled and specified) below the user's name in topics, just below their rank. It also shows up when you view a members profile.

    OK then hotshot, what are all these different types of avatars here at

    At there are 3 main ways to select an avatar - gallery, uploading and linking. I'll explain what each of them is here:

    Gallery avatars

    This is where there is a collection of avatars already saved on the desitwist server. You can select one from the gallery. The gallery is often split into different sections.

    Remote avatars

    This is where there is the avatar you want uploaded ar a different server (website). You use this by linking to the avatar's URL.

    Upload avatars

    This is where you can select a file on your computer to upload to the server to use as your avatar. You can also select a file on a different server to be copied to the's server.

    NOW Editing your profile

    So how do I display my avatar now?

    Click on 'User Control Panel' (there's a link at the top of the forum page) and scroll to the left. You'll come across a little something called 'Profile Settingsl'. Ding ding ding! We're back in avatar country. First of all you'll see the avatar you're (if any) currently using.

    Remote avatars

    This is the bit next to 'Link to off-site Avatar'. All you have to do is, as it says, 'Enter the URL of the location containing the avatar image you wish to link to.' Couldn't be easier.

    Gallery avatars

    Now we come across 'Select Avatar from gallery'. This is also amazingly easy to do. Just hop over to the gallery with the 'Show gallery' link, select the avatar you want and then click 'Select avatar'. Note that there may be different categories to browse in; so to change the category you're viewing just change the 'Select category' drop down list (near the top).

    Uploading avatars

    There are 2 different ways to do this now. Firstly, 'Upload Avatar from your machine'. To use this just click the 'Browse' button and you'll find yourself with a way to navigate around your computer and select the avatar you want. The other way, 'Upload Avatar from a URL' is simple enough. It's basically the same as the link to off-site avatar option exept this time instead of just linking to it, it copies the avatar file to the server and uses that copy.

    That's All Yep Done! :wink:

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    yes animated Gif's will Animate.. .. please note that Flash (swf) is not supported...

    have a good time around and do ping me if a problem arises :wink:

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    I hope snaz your problem is resolved

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    hehe that was long, but helpful :wink:

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    sure, and you are welcome

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    Ok that was very helpful..

    I know what kind od avatars there are.....and wot they're for...

    Now how do I post my own pic on the description/details side of the page where oyu have the love/loyalty/freindship gif runnin?

    How do I post my own pic there?

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    snaz.. bro send me the pixs you wish to be displayed there.

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