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Thread: Mobile Phone.... A necessasity or Fashion

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    Freinds a new topic on which I want some debates.

    Mobile Phone....
    A need or Fashion.

    I do think it is both :hug1: at the same time.

    It is the need of this global world. Since u are at any where can be traced out bu it.

    It is fashion when we can talk with an ordianry set, but we intend to purchase a set which reflect the status of an individual.

    I think it is a symbol of status also.

    Some people say it is tension, nothing :rnop: else.

    They argue an individual without a cell phone is doing only 8 hrs duty, and who owned it is on 24 hrs duty.

    Please comments :up; .

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    Well i've seen both aspects, in Canada it's a necessity but in Pakistan, its a fashion
    thats my observation and opinion

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    Faisal that depends on how we use it, if it's a matter of my opinion.. then i'd say its part of myself, i can't move without it..

    mohsin how come its a fashion at pakistan?
    Dream, I do.

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    well i would say its necessity i can't live without well as the sets are concern then not only the cell phones but ppl do show their status with every thing.....who can own a extravegent set they own it.....who can't they go for an oridinary one......soo finally only cell phones are not the symbol of status........

    !** I'M CooL.....I MaKe Ice JeaLouS **!

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    Very true Zeeast

    Only cell phone are not the symbol of status

    What about the ppl who say it is the source of tension

    Jab say yeh aaya hai hum 24 hrs job kartaiy hain

    what are the comments of u all ppls about it

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    switch it off baby :wink:
    Dream, I do.

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    Welcome to Planet Earth!

    let me do the honour to tell you that everything is possible here.

    enjoy your stay or Be-My-Guest.
    Dream, I do.

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    !** I'M CooL.....I MaKe Ice JeaLouS **!

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